Biomedical research center

Cell Culture:

Cell culture laboratory equipped with modern facilities for wide range of research with primary and certified cell lines.

about the laboratory

  • Cytotoxicity of new drugs and substances
  • Assessment of biocompatibility of new biomaterials
  • Evaluation of anticancer activities
  • Tissue engineering experiments
  • Resazurin reduction assay
  • MTT assay
  • Collagen deposition assay
  • ALP assay
  • Ca-deposition say
  • Laminar box Porsa Ukraine
  • Fluorescent microscope Axio Lab. A1
  • Plate-reader Multiscan FC
  • Visualization system EVOS ХL Core Imagine System
  • CO2 boxes, refrigerators, -85 0С freezer

Additionally, we have following primary cell lines selected from human subjects:

  • osteoblasts (selected from periosteum)
  • fibroblasts (selected from skin)
  • colorectal cancer (selected from patient with colorectal cancer)

For special research purpose, we can select different cells from both animals and patients.